VOTE for BioBots in the GIST Tech-I Competition!!

Our friend and colleague, Eric Wamakima, has brought BioBots to the semi-finals in the GIST competition, representing his country, Kenya. To get to the finals we need YOUR vote! With your help, Eric will get to bring BioBots to the summit conference in Morocco! Just click the link below, search for “BioBots”, give us a 5 star rating and vote, and confirm your email! Thank you for your support! #getErictoMorocco #BioBots

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BioBots is the 3D printer for biology. We are injecting a new dose of innovation into health care by building 3D bioprinters and biomaterial cartridges that are accessible to both researchers at the frontier of regenerative medicine and non- specialists, such as high school biology teachers. By making this technology available and creating a community of users, we are accelerating the pace of regenerative medicine advancement. Visit us at and to learn more about what we’re doing!