Updates and Exciting Community News

As we near the end of our fifth week participating in the DreamIt Health accelerator program here in Philadelphia, we are getting excited about the progress we’ve made so far and also what we have in the works for the coming weeks.

Starting our days with 7:30am meetings and 3 cups of coffee, we have grown from an idea fleshed out in a crowded apartment to a six person corporation (officially!) with three different office and lab spaces. In addition, we have been making incredible progress networking, getting market validation, closing sales, and designing our next version of the printer.

online bioprinting community

One of the things we are most excited about is building out an online developer community around bioprinting. We fundamentally believe that the 3D bioprinting space needs the support of a community to exchange ideas, questions, projects and experiments.

Whether you are a doctor doing research into regenerative medicine, a biohacker tinkering away in your garage, a designer with an interest in biology or a curious student excited about new technologies, we want to provide you with the tools for achieving your goals as well as provide you with the space to get answers and collaborate.

Within the next week we will be launching an online community forum for all things bioprinting. In the spirit of open source, we encourage everyone to make their work – Allevi user or other – available to the public. The best way to get visibility and support in this up-and-coming field of research is to work together – share our successes and our failures, our challenges and our achievements, our visions and our designs – our messes and our masterpieces.

Join us as we change the world, one 3D printed cell at a time.

In the meantime, look out for more inspiration on our blog as we explore related topics such as the ethics of bioprinting, synthetic biology, and the sustainability of artificial life.

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