BioBots Reagent Guide

Want some guidance on what BioBots reagents to use with your BioBot 1 bioprinter? Check out the information below to learn more about available reagents to purchase for use with your BioBot 1. Each of these reagents has a bioreport (our testing results) and protocol for suggested use with the BioBot 1 bioprinter. Many in Read More

PCL Viability

Thermoplastics in bioprinting are often used as a support structure to provide extra mechanical strength and as reinforcement for matrix bioinks[1,2]. Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable thermoplastic used in a variety of medical applications, including bioprinting. This study tested the viability and print resolution of  polycaprolactone, or PCL, with the BioBot 1. PCL Print Resolution Figure Read More


Overview Polycaprolactone (PCL) is specifically developed and optimized for bioprinting of 3D structures. PCL is a thermoplastic polymer that offers enhanced control over mechanical properties of final 3D structures. PCL may be used on its own or printed with matrix bioinks such as gelatin methacrylate. Figure 1: PCL can be printed on its own (left) Read More