Glass Slide Treatment

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Print surfaces in bioprinting can have a large impact on final results [1]. This glass slide treatment can be used for printing with GelMA or PEGDA to keep structures adhered to a specific surface, allowing for improved maneuvering and control over printed structures.

You Will Need:


  1.  First, sonicate glass slides for 5 minutes in ethanol.
  2.  Replace with new ethanol solution and sonicate again for another 5 minutes.
  3.  Sonicate glass slides in deionized water.
  4.  Under a chemical hood, prepare a solution of 5% TMSPMA (v/v) in toluene.
  5.  Soak slides in prepared solution overnight at 60°C.
  6.  Remove slides from TMSPMA solution and wash with two ethanol rinses and two deionized water rinses.
  7.  Sterilize slides in ethanol before use with cells.