A Call for Collaboration

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Here at BioBots, we aim to create a culture of collaboration around 3D biological printing. We envision a world where researchers, doctors, 3D bioprinter manufacturers, software companies, lab equipment companies, and perhaps most importantly, DIY 3D bioprinting enthusiasts can coexist and cooperate on groundbreaking work in an open forum built on the tenets of pure and unrestricted collaboration.

Imagine a community where DIY home 3D bioprinting enthusiast can share their 3D designs and collaborate on new, efficient, and cost-effective means of producing integral 3D biological structures, while simultaneously relaying these advancements in structural design and production to researchers and scientists at institutions that run the gambit of financial endowment, size, and prestige. Imagine a symbiotic relationship between raw bio and cell materials manufacturers and 3D bioprinter manufacturers where all operators on the manufacturing side of 3D bioprinting cooperate in order to tap the limitless intellectual and financial resources from the wellspring of collaboration, all the while benefiting scientific research and most importantly patients by producing the most advanced and cost-efficient bioprinted structures possible. Imagine an open faced and intuitive online forum connecting this multi-faceted community, providing a space where manufacturers, researchers, doctors, and 3D printing enthusiasts can communicate, collaborate, and catapult 3D bioprinting to heights never before seen in modern regenerative medicine.

We are forever striving to make this dream a reality. However, we cannot do it alone. Consider this a call to action to any and all organizations and individuals who may be interesting in realizing this fantastic dream. To create a culture of collaboration around 3D bioprinting, we need you! Feel free to contact us through any of our channels to get involved.

-Danny Sample